Captive Client Services

At Capital Management Consulting, we believe that Captive Client Services are not relegated solely to formed captive relationships; rather our customized Captive service begins at the initial conversation with our client’s.

Capital Management Consulting understands that the key to proper captive evaluation begins with a detailed analysis of our clients business entity, risk exposure and financial benefit of selecting a risk alternative solution.

Our firm provides comprehensive services encompassing tax consulting, financial accounting, diverse insurance risk analysis and related coverage protection, policy underwriting and claims processing, as well as captive regulatory compliance management. CMC’s tax consulting expertise provides valuable resources to access the substantial tax benefits available to captive insurance companies under federal income tax laws, as long as the company is properly structured and managed.

Industries We Serve:

• Automotive
• Agricultural
• Construction
• Distribution Services
• Energy Technologies
• Engineering
• Financial Institutions
• Franchising
• Fuel and Oil
• Food and Beverage
• Farming
• Grocery
• Healthcare
• Hospitality
• Manufacturing
• Medical and Dental Professionals
• Mining and Materials
• Nursing Facilites
• Real Estate Development
• Storage Facility Management
• Transportation
• Technology

Captive Consultation

CMC prides itself on providing a viable captive alternative that is well understood and managed. The Captive Insurance evaluation and alternative risk transfer process can appear daunting without the right expertise and experience to properly review your business group needs and deliver a cost effective analysis of the risk and financial benefit of captive management.

Feasibility Analysis

Define the viability of forming and operating a captive. This includes an evaluation of business risk, both insured and uninsured, and working with an actuary to determine the capital and premium needs associated with insuring these risks. Most companies do not have coverage for many major risks they face either because the companies have made a decision not to buy such insurance or it is unavailable. We then determine the viability of operating and maintaining a captive within your organizational structure. The feasibility analysis culminates with our recommendation concerning the need for a captive within your business structure.

Design and Development

In the development phase we design a captive structure specifically for your business needs. This includes the operational structure for your captive, specific types of risk to be insured, and the determination of market premiums and capitalization requirements.


Implementation of your captive structure requires a well defined and coordinated process to achieve captive approval.

• Domicile Selection, Submission and Approval
• Licensing
• Regulatory Compliance Review
• Insurance Policy and Premium Analysis and Subsequent Underwriting
   and Claims Management
• Capitalization


Effective and efficient management of your captive is key to achieving the benefits of alternative risk management. We will manage the day-to-day management of your captive from an operational and regulatory perspective. We interact with actuary and tax return preparers.

Capital Management Consulting and its affiliates performs all of the necessary functions on behalf of your captive, including:

• Formation
• Business Plan
• Financial Forecasts
• Incorporation
• License Application Process
• Risk Assessment
• Underwriting
• Regulatory Compliance
• Solvency Assessment
• Interact with Actuary and Tax Return Preparer
• Income Tax Updates
• Audits
• Tax Compliance

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