Types of Captives

Captive Insurance formation options are as unique as your business entity.

CMC’s business philosophy is to clearly define our clients risk potential and captive viability prior to establishing costly reviews.

Capital Management Consulting provides experience in the following Captive Solutions.

• Single Parent – Underwrites risk of companies related to the parent company.

• Association of Captive – A captive that insures the risk of member organizations of an association and the affiliated companies of those members.

• Agency Captive – Captive formed by insurance brokers or agents to allow them to participate in the high-quality risk, which they control.

• Rent-a-Captive – An insurance company that provides access to captive facilities without the user needing to capitalize his own captive. The user pays a fee for the use of the captive facilities and will be required to provide some form of collateral so that the rent-a-captive is not at risk from any underwriting losses suffered by the user.

• Protected Cell Captive – A captive owned by an insurance company that insures risks of separate participants through the use of protected cells.

• Risk Retention Group (RRG) – An RRG is a captive insurance company organized for the primary purpose of insuring liability exposures of its group members. Members of the RRG must be engaged in similar business activities (e.g. CPA seeking Errors & Omission insurance).

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